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OOC Matters Post

This post is meant to serve as a one-stop destination for any and all OOC matters of interest pertaining to my Hellsing RP Characters:

- Yumie/Yumiko Takagi [sister_samurai]
- Zorin Blitz [die_zauberin]

What goes here?

1) Characterization critiques, concerns, observations, constructive criticism, suggestions, questions, etc. If I do anything questionable, confusing, or upsetting with my characters, please tell me, so I can A. Explain my reasons as a player and/or B. Try to rectify my playing in the future.. This goes for character actions, comments, relationships, and so on, and please also bring to my attention if there have been instances of info modding, godmodding, or other OOC discourtesy on my part.

2) Anyone who would like to plot and/or interact with my characters is also more than welcome to drop me a line! I'm more than happy to discuss possible plot ideas, and if there's something important I've missed, or someplace either of my pups are needed or wanted, please link me and I'll see what I can do. :)

3) Additionally, anyone interested in playing Zorin is encouraged to contact me (here or elsewhere), as I am definitely willing to give her to someone else in order to avoid playercest and let new blood in the Hellsing crew. Knowledge of canon is necessary in order for me to pass the torch, so ping me and we'll talk? ♥

Both signed and anonymous comments are allowed, though obvious flames/trolling will be deleted. I can also be contacted on AIM at RayKat13 and by email at
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